Monday, March 22, 2010

Patrick Neary, former chief executive of the Financial Regulator

Irish Times, 14 Oct 2008:

"Ireland's banks are solvent and will be able to offset potential losses on property loans with their better-performing loans"

Sunday Tribune, 22 Feb 2009:

After a key meeting on 24 September, the then finance director of Anglo Irish, Willie McAteer, recalls a final exchange with Neary. In it McAteer told Neary the bank would be "managing the balance sheet at year end", to which Neary is reported to have replied:

"Fair play to you, Willie"

Irish Independent, 16 July 2010:

At the crucial September 25, 2008, meeting, Mr Neary insisted Anglo was not insolvent and that it had enough assets to cover its debts, new documents being investigated by the Dail spending watchdog reveal.

"There is no evidence to suggest Anglo is insolvent on a going-concern basis. It is simply unable to continue on a current basis from a liquidity point of view," he told the Taoiseach.

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