Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brendan O'Connor, Sunday Independent Columnist and ex-Comedian

Sunday Independent, 29 July 2007:

The smart, ballsy guys are buying up property right now. [...] Tell you what, I think I know what I'd be doing if I had money, and if I wasn't already massively over-exposed to the property market by virtue of owning a reasonable home. I'd be buying property. [...] So why would I be buying property right now if I could? Well, for starters, property is good value these days. It's certainly cheaper than it was six months ago.

Sunday Independent, 14 June 2009:

AS A homeowner, in massive negative equity, who knows a lot of other homeowners who are in massive negative equity, I want to know why John Hurley, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, has a job. I want to know who the fuck John Hurley thinks he is. He and his Central Bank cronies have made a complete balls of this country. I want John Hurley fired.

Sunday Independent, 10 January 2010:

All those paper millions that made us all feel so rich are gone, and now we curse the day we ever got on the ladder, we curse the ancestry that gave us this obsession with the land, and we curse the politicians, the banks and the media that encouraged the madness.

(Ah, "the media", was it Brendan? - CMcK)

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