Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ned O'Keeffe, Fianna Fail TD

Dail Eireann debate, 23 September 2009:

It is with great pride that I support my Minister, Deputy Brian Lenihan, in introducing this wonderful and badly needed rescue of the economy, property developers and the banking system.

Irish Examiner, 22 Mar 2009:

"I don’t miss the ministry, I miss the money. [...] They’re good-money jobs. They have a very attractive salary, very attractive pensions."

Dail Eireann, 30 March 2010:

In reference to Matthew Elderfield, the Financial Regulator:

"We do not want foreigners in here. Michael Collins, Liam Lynch, Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, would not have those foreigners running our business. It is about time we looked after our Irish people who are well educated.

Dail Eireann, 21 April 2010:

"I do not agree with my colleague Deputy O’Flynn, as this country is over-regulated. I come from a farming background and no people are more regulated than the Irish farming community on foot of European regulation. I do not want to see that situation imposed further in other sectors of society."


If I were a bank manager in any small town, I would not give out a bob because I would be under strict regulation. I would be so frightened of losing my job that the best I could do would be to keep the money and let the bank reinvest it. There is nothing worse than overregulation.


I want to be fair to everyone in the House, the various sides of which have said much, but Pat Neary was a decent and honest man.


I am a shareholder in many financial institutions. I will declare it in the House because I was questioned last week by journalists. I have shares in Lloyds TSB in the UK and Standard Chartered Bank. I would not be very wealthy, but I have a few quid. My portfolio also includes the Royal Bank of Scotland, AIB, Bank of Ireland and Irish Permanent.


Much work needs to be done without regulation. This is the House to do all of that. We are the bosses. It is what we are elected to do. People put their confidence in us and send us to the Dáil. It should not be down to regulation and people doing the work for us.

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