Friday, July 3, 2009

Kevin O'Connor, Property Investor

Irish Times, 24 January 2008:

"The faint-hearted agonise over buying, hoping that prices will fall further. But don't wait, says veteran property investor Kevin O'Connor. Buy now, don't listen to the doomsayers."

[...] the slow buyers should gallop with fistfuls of money, borrowed or promised, to any buyer willing to part with a property at the market rate. Because - and this is Thursday's mantra - there be bargains out there, folks.


Far from stealing away in the night, these houses, apartments and new towns will be bought and sold over the generations, as these new communities become embedded into the fabric of a country re-making itself. They will likely increase in value at a graduated gradient, rather than the hysterical highs of the boom. Now is probably a good time to buy into that prospect.

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