Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liz O'Kane, Property TV Show Presenter

RTE webchat, 10 May 2007:

"My advice is to buy now. Whatever monies people have in their back pockets for stamp duty and should the next government abolish stamp duty for first timers this will simply put the price of properties for first time buyers... UP!"

"Should stamp duty be abolished it will get the market moving again and yes, prices will rise to the tune of whatever stamp duty would have been paid. I suggest buying now before buyers come back to the market."

"The market will come back and anywhere within good proximity to the city is still holding it's value."

"[The property market] has already has slowed down, although most properties in the Dublin area are holding on."

"No... I don't think any government can afford to let [a property market] crash happen. A levelling off is what we are seeing."

"I find it amusing that the Irish could be paying well over the odds for property for the last ten years."

Sunday Tribune, "Does Investing in Property Still Make Sense", December 2007:

"I'm not an economist but I firmly believe that the market has levelled off and that we'll not see any more price drops in 2008. The recent reform to stamp duty will prove that."

Oops: "HOUSE PRICES in Dublin fell by 16.5 per cent on average last year, and estate agents forecast a further decline of about 10 per cent in 2009."

The Afternoon Show, RTE 1 TV, 15 October 2008

"There was a crazy frenzy going on, the market has realigned, it is correcting itself. [...] There's never been a better time to buy [...] The bottom of the market is very very close. [...] I would think there's great value out there now."

Ironic quote of the year, possibly decade:

"If your house is on the market for a long period of time - i.e, 8 to 12 weeks - psychologically there is negativity going to be thrown at it. Potential buyers - even though they haven't viewed the property - may say 'God, there's something wrong with that house because the board's been up such a long time'."

RTE Radio, Mooney show, 10 Feb 2009:

"we are not expecting double-digit reductions in 2009"

Oops x 2 (and it's only July): "A member survey by the Irish Auctioneers & Valuers Institute (IAVI) has confirmed that [...] prices have fallen 16.9% in the first half of 2009."

Interview with Sean Moncrieff, Newstalk radio, 4 Jan 2010:

O'Kane: I mean, those clients coming on my book this month say "Good Lord, I can afford to live in good, mature areas of the city and I could never have dreamt about that two years ago. MISSING Down in south Wicklow commuting, not that there's anything wrong with those counties, I hasten to add. It's the commute that's the travesty.

Moncrieff: That's interesting, but if interest rates go up again, that might affect that....

O'Kane: I'm not an economist, so let's not talk about interest rates.

Moncrieff: OK.

O'Kane: Moving swiftly along, so hope you don't mind.

Moncrieff: OK, a good cop-out though: "I'm not an economist". But interest rates will go up though.

O'Kane: But sometimes I don't think economists know what they're talking about.


O'Kane: Positive thinking: ask, believe, receive(*). Do not let the mind go to the dark side. 2010 is going to bring great things for us.

Moncrieff: Is it roughly based on Star Wars?

O'Kane: No, the dark side of your mind. Based on.... Don't listen to negative people. If you can avoid them, don't listen to them.

Moncrieff: OK. Under any circumstances whatsoever?

O'Kane: Under any circumstances.

Moncrieff: Say they say you have a terminal disease.

O'Kane: Well.... sorry?

Moncrieff: *laugh* Well, you have a terminal disease. Is that listening to a negative person? Or there an upside to that?

O'Kane: Well, thankfully I won't be hauled into anybody to tell me that, and neither will the majority of us, all going well.

Moncrieff: Well, yes, all going well, indeed... *laugh*

O'Kane: Now, that's really kind of far out there.

Moncrieff: No, I thought I'd throw it out there, testing your theology in a theoretical situation.


The phrase Law of Attraction, used widely by New Thought writers, refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance. The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means. Essentially, "if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that too.

Widespread popular interest in the Law of Attraction reached its peak after the release of the The Secret, a 2006 film by Australian television writer and producer Rhonda Byrne. [...]

Various scientists have stated that many of the Law's claims are impossible, violating scientific principles and a scientific understanding of the universe.

The Secret lists three required steps — "ask, believe, receive" — as the essence of the Law of Attraction.


  1. Nicely spotted 'Secret' reference. We don't need to be taking advice from people who buy into that guff. Wonder how many more of these scientologist-lite clowns are on the airwaves - I reckon TV3 is full of them.

  2. "2010 will bring great things for us" - what a prediction !